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Keeping it Simple at Imperial Oak: Good Beer, Good Times

I’ve lived in Chicagoland for my entire life, and until this year, I’d never even heard of Willow Springs, the home of Imperial Oak Brewing. Now we’ve visited this charming little village in the southwest burbs twice, and even biked the scenic riverfront path that runs up against the Calumet Sag Channel a mile or so to the south.

Just another example of the ancillary benefits that come with constantly seeking out new breweries — discovering new towns or neighborhoods and exploring previously unfamiliar terrain can be half the fun.

First Impressions

A jam-packed patio.

A jam-packed patio.

Imperial Oak does it all, and seems to do it all well.

Too often you’ll fall in love with a taproom’s atmosphere, setting the stage for a flight of underwhelming beers to kill your buzz. Or, you’ll go into it knowing the beers will be top notch, only to end up kicking yourself for not opting to pick up
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