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Fast food turns to ‘ghost kitchens’ and restaurants on wheels as chains like &pizza and Chick-fil-A battle for delivery dominance – Business Insider

As fast food moves beyond restaurants, customers may soon find themselves ordering McDonald’s from a restaurant on wheels — even if they don’t realize it.

On Thursday, fast-casual chain &pizza and food-tech startup Zume, best known for its pizza-making robots, announced a partnership to launch mobile kitchens.

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“For the last 2,000 years, the construct of food is: ‘I will come to your building, where I will give you something of value and you will make me food. And I will eat it there, and maybe I’ll even walk out and eat it,'” Zume CEO Alex Garden told Business Insider. “That hasn’t really changed very much, but the world has changed.”

Garden and &pizza CEO Michael Lastoria told Business Insider that delivery sales, especially in areas with dense populations, are sapping the dominance of the traditional sit-down restaurant model. Why invest in often expensive real estate
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