Chicago Craft Beer Weekend, September 20-22
Der Steckrüberitter! (the turnip knight) welcomes you to Oktoberfest!

Crickets! As of posting time Wednesday, I have nearly 100 beer events this weekend. Put the blame on Oktoberfest, which is traditionally the third weekend of September.

I have tried to feature Oktoberfest celebrations that mention craft beer, or sought-after German imports. There were dozens more that did not mention any beer being served. They may still be added as I head into the weekend.

In the middle of all this gemütlichkeit, we have another grand opening, for Holzlager Brewing in Woodstock.

I also should note, that the South Shore Beer Fest in Indiana has been cancelled for the second year in a row, due to low ticket sales. Maybe this weekend has too many events competing for beer money?

Friday, September 20

Saturday, September 21

Sunday, September 22