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Raw Footage: President Obama’s Surprise Lunch Stop

March 02, 2010 | 2:27 | Public Domain During his “White House to Main Street” tour today in Savannah, Georgia, President Obama makes a surprise lunch stop at…

Wilmot Stage Stop Restaurant

Wilmot Stage Stop Restaurant Reviews

Highway C & W
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (29 Reviews)

Review by Mike L.
Solid carnivore experience. Steaks are cooked in an open grill area in the dining area. The ceiling is low and you can tell the building is old but it…
Rating: 4

Review by Sharon J.
Great food. Went out for my birthday dinner. I had the filet and lobster. The steak was so tender you could have cut it with a butter knife. I also ordered…
Rating: 4

Review by Laurie L.
I love this place and bring out of towners here; its a nice drive from the suburbs of Chicago and a refreshingly different eating experience. Highlights…
Rating: 5