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Chicago: Top spot for high quality restaurants

Chicago: Top spot for high quality restaurants
In the downtown area, musicians will often set up their drum kits and play, and Chicago Blues can be heard coming from many bars and restaurants. Chicago's history reads like a hall of fame of top musicians such as Buddy Guy, Willie Dixon and Little …
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McDowell’s is Brought to Life By Popular Chicago Hot Dog Spot

http://www.vladtv.com – McDonald’s may be a fast-food favorite for most, but since they don’t carry seedless buns, it’s pretty hard to compare them to the beloved McDowell’s.

Though the Coming To America restaurant is purely fictional, a popular hot dog eatery in Chicago, Illinois decided to bring it to life for this year’s Halloween festivities – it’s not Queens, New York, but hey, close enough. We spoke to The Wiener’s Circle manager, Yolanda Smiley about the revamp, who says the idea was originated by the new store owners in less than a day. Naturally, the Big Mick was their best seller this past Saturday (Oct. 31) as onlookers and fans of the movie sat underneath the Golden Arcs while being served by workers in classic plaid McDowell’s attire.

This is the first time in 33 years The Wiener’s Circle has decided to try and rival the McDonald’s across the street from them for some good, ‘ol fashioned Halloween fun. Watch on as Miss Smiley chops it up with us about the Wiener’s Circle, their plans for next Halloween and what “very special” treat Chicagoan’s can expect at the hot dog joint on Valentine’s Day.

Hot Spot Hot Dogs

Hot Spot Hot Dogs Reviews

Carol Stream
1030 Fountain View Dr
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (25 Reviews)

Review by Nicole L.
I have to downgrade my rating of this place for a few reasons:

1) The food is a bit overpriced, even though I chose to ignore it before. But after paying…
Rating: 2

Review by Vince A.
So why go here? The hot dogs are done perfectly. The fries are out of this world.

Why not to go here? Prices are as much or more than Portillos….
Rating: 4

Review by Dan B.
Hot Spot Hot Dogs is located just a little West of Gary Avenue on Lies Road in Carol Stream. When you walk in there’s a fair amount of seating available…
Rating: 5

Survey: Morton's the Steakhouse is the top spot for cheaters

Survey: Morton's the Steakhouse is the top spot for cheaters
According to the survey, the Chicago-based restaurant, which has a location in downtown San Diego, is a favorite because of the dim lighting and they are usually located near hotels. Copyright 2013 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material …
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Lights Over Bridgeport Aims for Spot on Warped Tour

Lights Over Bridgeport Aims for Spot on Warped Tour
Now the band is aiming for a chance to play on the biggest stage of their music careers with a spot at this summer's Warped Tour. To get the gig, they'll have to win a Battle of the Bands contest that relies heavily on social media buzz. The band is …
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