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Hot Dog Wars – Chicago vs. New York | Alternate Route | Esquire Network

New Yorker Matt Hranek is putting classic Chicago-style hot dogs to the test, and his first stop is at the famed Hot Doug’s.

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About Alternate Route:
The great American road trip meets the modern era as photojournalist and blogger Matt Hranek (The William Brown Project) hits the road in search of people, places and objects that embody the timeless American spirit. As Matt crosses the country, his curiosity and passion propel him to places and expose him to people and things that most would never encounter.

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About Esquire Network:
Esquire Network is an entertainment and lifestyle network that champions the pursuit of a well-played life. Building on Esquire’s 80 years of unparalleled insight into what makes men tick, the network features programming that speaks to both classic and contemporary passions and interests, from sports and recreation to technology and gadgets, food and drink, travel and adventure, fashion and style, women and relationships, and politics and talk.

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Hot Dog Wars – Chicago vs. New York | Alternate Route | Esquire Network