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The Ivy Luxury Boutique Hotel in downtown Chicago, Illinois

This is my King Suite room at the Ivy Boutique Hotel. Sorry for the crappy instability of the video. I suck. Pros: Super luxurious! Ridiculously large bathtub (I’m 6′ and this allowed me to fully submerge without me knees sticking out of the water. Insanely comfortable bed! The electric drapes were cool! The sensors under the night tables that turned on small lights when you get out of bed. The LCD tv in the bathroom mirror (suites only, not studios). The big HD TVs in the 2 main rooms. The second room with a couch! The highly attentive staff. The baked goods at turndown service time. The overhead waterfall shower! The free wi-fi! The rooftop lounge with super nice staff! Cons: The bathroom TV isn’t viewable from an angle (it is visible, but the picture becomes blurry like a privacy screen), so you can’t watch it while in the bathtub. No parking. There’s no sheet on the bed – just a bottom sheet and the comforter/sheet combo. Kinda weird, but still sooo comfortable! The crazy prices for wet bar and snacks ( for a can of pringles? for a tiny bag of pretzels?) The price of drinks in the lounge ( for a Corona?) Still a new hotel, so kinks to be worked out — like the advertised, but not open yet, fitness center 🙁 Overall, a really nice hotel and I highly encourage anyone to check it out!
Video Rating: 5 / 5