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Gene & Jude’s Red Hot Stand

Gene & Jude’s Red Hot Stand Reviews

River Grove
2720 River Rd
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (659 Reviews)

Review by Timothy L.
So your searching for a authentic Chicago dog with it’s own twist. Search no further. Be prepared to get in line at this historic Hotdog stand that…
Rating: 5

Review by Allan M.
One of my 5 oldest bookmarks, so I figure I may as well get this review out of the way. And since I’m trying to do the Yelp 100 goal(and/or 125, if I really…
Rating: 4

Review by Julie R.
Grounded restaurant that hasn’t let all the hype get to its head.

The wall inside is full of it’s awards (just like #1 Hot Dog in the Nation), accolades,…
Rating: 4