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That First Sizzle On The SoHo Taco Cart Grill

December 15, 2013 – The moment you hear that first sizzle on the grill, you know you’re in for a treat. That’s the sound of a perfect sear being made on the outside while juicy flavors are…
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Uno Chicago Grill

Uno Chicago Grill Reviews

O’Hare International Airport
Average Rating: 2 out of 5 (11 Reviews)

Review by Derek S.
Stopped by to get some “Chicago” pizza while in Chicago. The sausage pizza was very poor at .49.

The sausage and cheese toppings were very light and the…
Rating: 2

Review by Shawn H.
I guess I am crazy…I actually kinda liked these frozen/premade pizzas!

Even comparing it to an actual Uno we hit a few days after (we were in Springfield…
Rating: 3

Review by Eduardo C.
Tried the personal Chicago pepperoni pizza. It definitely has a frozen microwave flavor and texture, with a soggy topping surface. They didn’t even lay…
Rating: 1

Wool Street Grill & Sports Bar

Wool Street Grill & Sports Bar Reviews

128 Wool St
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (55 Reviews)

Review by Gerry A.
Not many really beautiful lunch outside days left but we found one, and actually defaulted here after Kelsey’s Roadhouse (Gino’s East?) looked abandoned and…
Rating: 4

Review by Peter T.
Normal Rockwell lives in Barrington. Or at least I thought he did when I picked it as the town to raise my family and keep them safe. Seems it worked. A…
Rating: 4

Review by Virl S.
Great sports bar to have locally. Several TV screens available. Their food menu is continually getting better. Lately I had their wings and they were…
Rating: 4