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Golden Steer Steakhouse

Golden Steer Steakhouse Reviews

Forest Park
7635 Roosevelt Rd
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (121 Reviews)

Review by Jean K.
Eating here was like stepping back into the 70`s…a little outdated decor, good lively people and very simple, yet good, homemade food.

Our first visit…
Rating: 4

Review by David M.
My first visit here was amazing! The onion soup is the best I’ve had, and you get a salad too. Who does that? They are old school, which I love. Last…
Rating: 3

Review by Mary Ann C.
Not bad! Came here for carry out today for my husband’s birthday. For approximately , I got a full slab, soup, salad, mashed potatoes, and a huge loaf…
Rating: 3

Behind the Golden Curtain at Gold Medal Products Co.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) November 15, 2013

Do you know what drives a multi-million-dollar industry? It’s a secret most businesses won’t tell you. It’s simple and honest. It’s the power of you.

Gold Medal’s equipment and supply innovations start with the simple goal to taste good and build businesses. It’s the reason why a small, family-owned company in Cincinnati, OH became the global leader of concession products and manufacturing.

The Dollars and Sense of Manufacturing

When your focus is on manufacturing quality machines that last, not only will profits keep popping, but people will take notice. It’s the reason Dan Kroeger, President and CEO of Gold Medal, was recently named a Leading Innovator in Manufacturing. The company and its leadership have also received countless other awards for industry excellence, including the Ohio Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award and a Doctorate of Foodservice. It’s also why Gold Medal has sold over 25,000 concession machines per year for more than 10 years. And continues to re-invest in its community.

According to Time.com, “Manufacturing represents a whopping 67% of private-sector R&D spending as well as 30% of the country’s productivity growth. Every $ 1 of manufacturing activity returns $ 1.48 to the economy.”

Gold Medal stands out from the competition thanks to the latest cost-saving, money-making advancements. For decades, its full-time staff of engineers have developed revolutionary innovations—the company holds 24 patents on popcorn machines across more than 80 models of poppers. But it doesn’t just rest on its history.

Coming in 2014, Gold Medal will debut a revolutionary fun food advancement that will put a new spin on your concession profits.

Putting People First

For more than 80 years, Gold Medal has focused on the fun and good taste, bringing mouth-watering concession classics and scrumptious alternatives to the public. When making any decisions, the motto is, “how will this impact our customers?” If it can’t be answered in a positive manner, then more thought needs to go into the idea.

Responding to customers’ desires for new flavors and staying ahead of consumer trends is just one of the reasons why 1 of only the 1,500 worldwide Certified Food Scientists helps Gold Medal create worldwide taste sensations like the groundbreaking Flavacol RS®. People asked for “Heartfelt Popcorn Seasoning,” which prompted the creation of one with 30% less sodium.

Focused customer service is also about the people behind the company. As a family-owned business, Gold Medal has always taken great pride in the individuals that work for it and with it. They are the company’s greatest assets and why it’s been recognized as a Best Place to Work. Gold Medal distributors are in neighborhoods around the globe to give reliable, expert advice and keep the power with you.

Fast Facts

    In 1931, David C. Evans borrowed $ 2,000 on his home, bought Kings Ink, and broadened its ink-only line to include paste, glue, and other small items. The food line was sold under a new label “Gold Medal Products.”
    It continues to be a family-run, family-owned company that thrives with the third and fourth generations, each building on the successes of the past.
    Gold Medal has established 11 additional branches since 1977, and currently employs more than 400 people.
     Gold Medal’s Equipment Line Firsts:
–    Sno-Kones® 1940s

–    Popcorn 1949

–    Caramel Corn 1950s

–    Cotton Candy 1950s

–    Hot Dogs 1970s

–    Fryers 1980s

–    Nachos 1980s

    Gold Medal debuted its first catalog in 1941.
    In 1951, Gold Medal already had 35 dealers; the first dealer meeting was in 1957 at Chicago’s Sherman Hotel.
    Increasing sales required expansion. After moving to its third building in 1960, the company investing in its own equipment manufacturing and expanded its flavor production. The current facility was built in Evendale in May 1997; it’s now more than 450,000-square-feet and has undergone six expansions.
    For more than 60 years, Gold Medal has distributed concession equipment and supplies internationally. It has a presence in most of the 196 countries, including high-growth areas like China, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico. Now, it accounts for about 40% of total sales and continues to grow around the world.

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