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Chief tells the TRUTH that Black People dont want to hear.

Watch my latest video on the Tragic Truth that the Black Lives Matter Movement does not want you to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFC8jVZgj1k&feature=youtu.be Viewer Discretion is advised.

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White Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn snapped during a press conference in regards to a drive by shooting which left a city teenager dead and another man badly wounded on the city’s south side.He gave an emotional response to a stupid question that a reporter asked about why he was on his phone checking the updates of a shooting which had just occurred during an earlier portion of that press conference in which a 5 year old girl had been fatally shot in another drive by shooting.

Strangely he said the same thing that Tommy Sotomayor and David Caroll have been saying for years,yet when they say it they are labeled as coons.

You want to tell me about Ferguson,Missouri and Trayvon Martin when more than 80% of violent crime victims are blacks killed by other blacks in major urban areas like Milwaukee and 70% of the prison population is black???

Get the fuck outta here!

Just one Black thug or bastard having baby mama is more of a threat,harmful and detrimental to the black community then the next 100 white cops.

Nathan Bedford Forrest(creator of the KKK) is turning in his grave laughing at you you dumb ass libtard worshipping “same shit different decade” niggas.

If black people in America dont wake up we are going to be an endangered specie like the Native American within the next 100 years,bet on it.
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Museum of Contemporary Art, Chief Curator Michael Darling

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chief Curator Michael Darling

Chief Curator of the Museum of Contermporary Art, Michael Darling takes host of Fear No ART, Elysabeth Alfano, on a private tour at the MCA. Michael speaks candidly and refreshingly personably about how important art is in contemporary society. While they walk the corridors of the museum and throughout the superb exhibit, “Pandora’s Box: Joseph Cornell Unlocks the MCA Collection”, Mr. Darling talks about the artist struggle, the importance of the museum creating a safe space to ask questions, and about the clear, concise and non-convoluted ways we can all relate to art. We also get a one-on-one discussion/explanation of some of the museums most famous pieces by Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, plus a few art collecting tips for the novice and the connoisseur alike. Enjoy this warm and accessible art lesson and one-on-one private tour.
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