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Famous Chicago Restaurants

Chicago is famous for its varied cuisine and its approach to dining out. Mostly noted for pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef, this city offers unforgettable experiences for tourists, but food that keeps the locals coming back.

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Emma Makes a Chicago Style Hot Dog at Jack Straw’s Pizza Wheaton, IL 60187

Emma Makes a Chicago Style Hot Dog at Jack Straw's Pizza Wheaton, IL 60187

First rule is NO KETCHUP! Emma makes this Vienna Beef hot dog Chicago Style with mustard, relish, onion, tomato, cucumber, pickle, sport peppers and sourkraut. Great with Jack Straw’s famous fresh cut french fries. Hot dog special with two (2) Vienna Beef hot dogs one (1) small fresh cut french fry and one (1) medium ice cold Pepsi is a great deal! Check Out Jack Straw’s Pizza Wheaton, IL 60187 at 630-668-2212 or
Video Rating: / 5

Chicago Food Tour

video snack by Janello
music by Otis McDonald, JR Tundra, Silent Partner, Joe Bagale and a quick sample by Buddy Guy

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Show Notes:
This trip was part of an epic 30+ dude bachelor party. I flew in a few days early to hit a few joints that have been on my Chicago hit list for far too long. I think you’ll be able to spot where the bachelor party over took my solo adventures. The Virgin Hotel flagship was more than an excellent place to lay my head before moving to the “House of dudes”. The restaurants I mention in the West Loop section are part of Paul Kahan’s delicious food dynasty. Chicago has become an awesome food destination. I highly recommend a visit on an empty stomach. Here’s my Foursquare hit list. If you’re looking for more options. look no further than my friends at The Infatuation. One more thing, YES, that was a shot for shot Snatch opening.

Virgin Hotel

Paul Kahan restaurants

My Foursquare hit list

The Infatuation Chicago

Last thing, here’s the full 42 grams menu with descriptions.

Hudson Canyon Scallop
golden kiwi, Thai flavors, sour gherkin

fingerlime, phytoplankton, kelp, lacto-fermented vegetables

Sweet Pea
bacon, whey, brown butter, herbs & lettuce

Summer Corn
corn Silk, roasted corn broth, polenta

Organic Irish Salmon
tea smoked with fallen pine, mushroom dashi, spent grain, nasturtium

Sunflower (Not shown in video)
young spruce, morel puree, sunchoke, allium, grains

Lamb Neck
smoked yogurt, tamarind, fennel

Veal Sweetbread
foie gras, ash-baked eggplant, golden berry

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu
bone marrow, beef tendon, umeboshi, baby bok choy

Earl Grey Tea
dark chocolate, satsuma mandarin, tangerine lace

Yuzu, bubblegum hyssop, saffron honey

bamboo rice, amazake, dulse, koji, miso, caramel, ya pear, oxalis

Sparrow’s 42 grams blend, cardamom