Fast Food Fight at Chicago Hot Dog Joint

This interesting fast food fight takes place at a Chicago hot dog joint. Here’s a classic case of some drunk d-bag customer thinking fast food workers are his to command and talking smack to the ladies behind the counter. Thankfully these girls don’t stand for none of that and pretty much empty the kitchen on this a-hole. He tries to momentarily man up but the wrath of an angry hot dog server is more than his match.

UPDATE: Big thanks to YouTubers badjujuwan & SansAziza for the lowdown about this fight at a Chicago hot dog joint. The place is called The Wieners Circle and it is in fact an insult themed restaurant. Supposedly the food is decent, especially the char dogs. However, the real draw of the Wieners Circle is going there after a night of drinking for some smog dogs and to watch a free interactive insult show. I was reading a funny Yelp review about their chocolate shake. Apparently the chocolate shake is nothing more than a joke. You hand them the and one of the black ladies lifts her shirt, pops out her breasties and shakes them. There ya go, twenty dollar chocolate shake. LOL.

Big thanks again to the YouTubers who gave me the information on this insult themed restaurant. Much appreciated. For more great videos please drop by my YouTube homepage & subscribe.

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