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Curtis Duffy’s Mind-Blowing Tasting Menu at Grace in Chicago

How many restaurants can say they have three Michelin stars and a starring role in a feature-length documentary? Chicago’s Grace, helmed by chef Curtis Duffy, “is a real show,” according to Eater Chicago editor Daniel Gerzina. He notes that the open kitchen “is like a stage, enclosed in glass and lit up,” and the diners are often engrossed by the kitchen staff’s precision. See for yourself in the video of the ten-course tasting menu above.

Fava bean
Teft cracker, Iberico ham, tarragon

Osetra caviar, lychee, chives

Blood orange, black olive, citrus

Alaskan King Crab
Kalamansi, cucumber, lemon mint

Salsify, pomelo, sea cress

English pea
Rhubarb, burrata, apple mint

Smoke, meyer lemon, miner’s lettuce

Miyazaki beef
Romaine, peanut, Vietnamese herbs

Ice cream
Chocolate or vanilla

Chartreuse, kaffir, balm

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