Pat “Sinner” Pasquale – Antwuan Dixon, Stealing Curren Caples Dinner – Free Lunch (Part 2 of 2)

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25 thoughts on “Pat “Sinner” Pasquale – Antwuan Dixon, Stealing Curren Caples Dinner – Free Lunch (Part 2 of 2)

  1. RIDE Channel

    Pat “Sinner” Pasquale has good stories about Vans Curren Caples, Deathwish
    Skateboards Neen Williams, +DC Shoes Nyjah Huston, Antwuan Dixon, and more.
    Watch Free Lunch Part 2.

  2. elninomile

    4:10: “Everyone’s just like dude you’re gonna be OK, we’re gonna take you
    to the hospital. I guess he just fuckin suffered while everyone else raged
    for the rest of the night”


  3. bakershakejunt4life

    when I saw all these hate towards him the phrase from the song “hater hate
    on hate on” pop up in my mind haha 

  4. jollygato

    i don’t care about his skating. at all. i watch eastern exposure too bro. i
    have it on vhs. but his stories and personality are very entertaining.

  5. bovedli

    he is very honest. that’s what I like about him. he really goes into random
    stories and tells them as they happened, and doesn’t give a fuck. Probably
    not the nicest dude around, but honest and funny.

  6. Nick Pearson

    i dont hate him, i just hate the amount of arrogance that spews from this
    dudes mouth. i also hate that he uses the word faded, and the fact that he
    blames his own self control issues (so it seems) on somebody else, namingly
    antwuan…. actually, yea, i guess i do kinda hate this guy to be honest.

  7. crapeople

    If this guy was a ripper everyone would suck his dick, but now its quite
    the opposite, I dont think he differs much from the riders on


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