My Workouts, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks for the Week

I have been asked a few times to share my breakfast, lunch and snacks for the week. I’ve also included my workouts because I’m often asked about those, too. …

25 thoughts on “My Workouts, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks for the Week

  1. Sharon C

    I would lose so much weight on your menu! You don’t eat very much and work
    out a lot! :)! How do you not keep losing weight?

  2. Sherry Lynne

    Very helpful. It gives me some ideas for lunch and snacks. I’ve seen that
    coffee/cocoa item at TJ’s, and wondered if it was good. I’ll have to try

  3. Rebecca Stewart

    Love these kinds of videos. I enjoy seeing what other people eat. I always
    get great ideas! Have a nice weekend Jen!

  4. Stace Ace

    Thanks for sharing. I admire how healthy you eat and how disciple you are
    with your exercise. Have a great weekend Jen!

  5. Angie J

    This is a great video for me. I am very busy right now trying to add in a
    daily/weekly cleaning routine, get organized, declutter, etc. and I started
    running recently and was so proud to mainly walk and run a minute, walk and
    run a minute, I also do a few weights but just a few short reps – when I
    saw your 5 miles and 65 minute workouts….girl – you are awesome – hope to
    get to that point and I too was curious what you eat. Thanks so much – yes,
    please keep these coming sporadically – they are very helpful!! :D

  6. Margaret de Vries

    Really, really helpful. I know it’s asking a lot and you’re already doing
    so much to inspire but it would be so nice to have a role model to inspire
    exercise and healthy eating. You really are a role model for me

  7. lovemeganjune

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I especially liked that you mentioned
    what you did to work out that day. You have mentioned before that you might
    film your ab routine, I would love to see it! :-)

  8. Leigh Ann B

    Love these types of videos. I’m a WAHM and figuring out good lunch options
    for myself can be difficult sometimes. 

  9. lisa cavender

    Please do these weekly!! It’s a great motivator. I need to remember to take
    healthy snacks with me when I’m running errands!!

  10. Jackie Elias

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t know how you do it I wish I had the motivation
    and will power to do this. Keep these great videos coming!!! :)

  11. Debby Kaufman

    Enjoyed this video. I recently heard about your channel from LaBeautyBag,
    and you have really inspired me to get my house in order. It feels really
    good to be on top of things, so thank you very much for all the great

  12. Susan M

    So inspirational…I love these videos. Thanks for sharing and I would always
    like to see these…..great snack ideas and keeps me motivated to eat


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