(REVIEW) Bad Girl Club: Chicago | Season 12: Ep. 2 | Model Behavior (RECAP)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “(REVIEW) Bad Girl Club: Chicago | Season 12: Ep. 2 | Model Behavior (RECAP)

  1. DontaySmith1o1

    I don’t think anyone one the fight, there weren’t any hits that connected.
    I think they had reason to question Jada, but it didn’t need to go to a
    fight, even though i thought that fight was funny as hell. Jada fell, Loren
    was jumping and kicking, LMAO i couldn’t.

  2. Daryl jones

    Alex is fake I don’t like her I just hope this season does not turn out
    like last season I didn’t like anyone

  3. Jeffrey Lewis

    If Ashley was on bgc she’d be showering wit and fukking all da girls I bet!
    She need to go on bgc

  4. mia rush

    I feel like alex is kinda like the annie (from season 4) of the house
    nobody really knew her purpose of being there

  5. MsKwan09

    I like Alex they’re getting more upset b/c she won’t react to their BS. She
    is the read def. of bad you don’t have to pop off to be bad. The girl has a
    goal and she’s working toward it. She even invited them to be in a photo
    shoot. They claim they don’t like her but feel like she’s obligated to
    discuss everything she does with them it’s beyond petty and annoying. Loren
    is just mad b/c she’s used to being the Alex of her crew back home and she
    can’t take that another chick is badder than her. Alex is just a non
    confrontational person. Jada is fake, Redd seems like a bully. Jonica and
    Alex are the only ones I like. Loren is cool she’s just immature. OMG Yes I
    remember Rispey lmao I miss how this show used to be. It was more about
    these girls confronting their issues and changing not fighting. Also Linsey
    posted a pic of her face after that fight in the limo on IG today. Jada
    should have gotten kicked off that girl ended up in the hospital with a
    fracture from being kicked in the eye area with Jada’s heel. She said she’s
    been sober since she left the show so that’s good. Jada def. needs
    professional help outside the show too.

  6. Morgan Simon

    I actually like Alex, she reminds me of myself in some ways. I don’t think
    she acts that way on purpose, that’s just who she is. Redd and Loren should
    get to know the girl before they start assuming things. 

  7. Jess Carey

    Loren is VERY insecure in who she is. Remember she went off on Linsey when
    Linsey said she was too good for the drama. Loren felt the need to say she
    was better then Linsey because her shoes was more expensive. Remember when
    Loren first went off on Alex?? She said “I model too.” She’s jealous of how
    confident Alex is in who she is. How was it so annoying because Alex liked
    her eye lashes?? Must be because they all hated theirs. I’m not team Alex
    at all, but I can relate to how she’s being judged. I’m my biggest fan and
    don’t give a fuck who like it or don’t. Only difference is I will say that.
    And I’m not explaining shit. 

  8. imsunshine child

    Alex didn’t do anything to get a reaction like she did from the other
    girls. She seems like she’s pretty chill. 

  9. ashleyrenee1212

    i dont get how Loren got so mad at Alex when the first episode Loren said
    how shes the prettiest and how no girls liked her in highschool too lmao.
    Alex is annoying as shit but she literally didnt have a good enough reason
    to snap at her like that

  10. GoldenKisses5

    What’s wrong with being bougie?? Everyone can’t be the fucking same! I
    cannot watch this show anymore. I will be getting my fill from watching
    your reviews.

  11. DontaySmith1o1

    I don’t think the house had a reason to go against Alex, i seriously think
    that they just wanted to start drama. 

  12. Toby Royson

    Alex is a classic example of the annoying fucking spoiled little rich
    daddy’s girl everyone hated in school which grew up being given everything
    on a plate without having to do any real work. Fuck her and her pathetic
    Naomi Campbell wannabe ass!!

  13. CheekyNi

    I really like Alex. I think she has deep rooted problems. I also think
    Loren and Redd is jealous of Alex.

  14. OhSoEccentricBeing

    HAHA RIPSI YESSS!!! I thought the same thing when I saw Linsey carry on
    like that. But when Ripsi was extremely wasted it looked like she was
    literally possessed because of several reason she did on the 1st night:
    – She the “playfighting” she fighting with Kerry too far.
    – She was really moving sluggishly and uncoordinated through out the house
    – Attacked Kerry at the stairs and in living area
    -Tripped over vacuum cleaner
    – Gets thrown out of bedroom and then pop up like nothing happen
    – The morning after she did not remember anything.
    Linsey at least knew what she was going with her drunking temper and left
    the house. Ripsi still holds that crown. 

  15. Joshua .V

    At first I thought I was going to like Redd but she’s exactly the type of
    hood rat, ghetto, bully ass bitch that promotes the stereotype of Black
    woman. She’s extra I can’t get down with somebody like that.

  16. Cristy Johnson

    I like everybody in they own way. I’m not feeling Loren bc she just makes
    everything an issue with Alex for no reason. You can’t make nobody give you
    out they life story and y’all bitch don’t really give two fucks anyway. I
    don’t think Jada was being flip flop bc she was just sitting wit Alex
    trying give her a chance. Loren is absolutely jealous of how confident Alex
    is. Alex worked that fashion show. 


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