Beijing Jianbing (煎饼), Chinese breakfast crepe

Beijing Gongti market jianbing 煎饼 vendor spins his wheel making the crepe, cracking the egg, then passing off the sheet to his colleague who dresses it with …
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25 thoughts on “Beijing Jianbing (煎饼), Chinese breakfast crepe

  1. John Smith

    有比這種做法更外行的嗎 一個勁地使勁轉 轉到你暈了為止 弄了半天中心還是薄的 最後出來的餅已經硬得感覺像打印紙了 時間也用了一般做法的好幾倍 簡直傻屄

  2. meaturama

    Lemon chicken is my fave food but I’m different I don’t like steaks or
    salads seeing a big hunk of beef and fucking flavorless leaves and shit
    just doesn’t interest me. I need spice.

  3. crandf

    It looks rather like the paper prata indians make. Both are very thin, very
    large, and very crispy. The indian prata doesn’t use spinning though, and
    is probably cooked much faster.

  4. John Daniels

    We make an outdoor cooking system called the IncrediGrill. I am very
    intrigued by the Jian Bing cooking technique and have started working on an
    attachment for our IncrediGrill that has the large spinning flat top. I
    should be posting a video of it within a day or so.

  5. jayjay1638

    He use the same paint brush and scraper to decorate his room, beside need
    lie down feeling dizzy after watching that.

  6. darkmaster388

    Look at the freshness of the food. You just cant find quality like that
    anywhere. I’d be glad to visit that place daily 🙂


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