Triumph Visits The Real Housewives Of Atlanta – CONAN on TBS

Phaedra, Kenya, Kandi, and Cynthia are no strangers to drama, but this might be the first time they get into a catfight with a puppet. More CONAN @ http://te…
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25 thoughts on “Triumph Visits The Real Housewives Of Atlanta – CONAN on TBS

  1. miked1120

    Never seen the show these women were/are on, but they ‘seem’ to have a good
    sense of humor.

  2. Volomon

    “…and I’m surprised Amazon would……SELL big bags of shit!”

    lol…stop. You’re killing me :D

  3. maddchem01

    Thanks Triumph why do people even watch their show when you can see this
    every day out in the street they are The same as a lot of the black women I
    see every day I said a lot of black women not all Black women. The only
    differences is that these girls have money while they are being loud
    obnoxious and ignorant. In my opinion I believe that the women who were
    born in the 1970s and earlier are the best generation of black women that I
    have ever seen Now I’m sure that there are some who are like that of the
    ones from previous generations but they are very few and the ones who were
    raised the right way from the women in the past who experienced real loss
    and struggles of black women in this country. Many Women are watching this
    show and are emulating these women with these bad attitudes and bad moral
    values. Take the TV show the husbands all the money and cameras away from
    these women at all you have is the same ignorant ghetto bitch that you see
    every day in the street wasting her money on make up, fake long eyelashes,
    nails and expensive handbags trying to pretend that she’s Nikki Minaj or
    Beyoncé. This is the wrong type of show to present to the world how black
    women act and are especially the ones with money. So thanks Triumph for
    holding a mirror to their faces and our faces and saying to them what we
    all have been wanting to say for a very long time.


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