Business class lunch on American Airlines

A business class lunch on an American Airlines Boeing 777 en route from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare.
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25 thoughts on “Business class lunch on American Airlines

  1. Jake SuaVe'

    @istvanklein I can see why, it’s all about pride. Plus, if they got their
    own manufacturer there why should they buy Boeing.

  2. 2011shonuff

    why do ppl act so stupid in business and first class when they get
    upgraded? u can always tell them apart from the ppl who fly it all the time.

  3. IrunHB

    i flew business class to europe on American. and on my way home i flew
    first. besides the seats, i can honestly say there is not much of a
    difference in the service. in business i still got the famous hot fudge
    sundae and good meal. is there any other difference??

  4. Robert .G

    Well, I have never flown first, so I don’t know. The main difference is
    probably the seats, and the layout of the cabin. It may well be that the
    service is the same. I have flown with AA quite a few times, most of the
    times in coach, and I was always very happy with their standard of service.
    People here in Europe tend to look down on US airlines for their allegedly
    substandard service in comparison with European airlines but, at least in
    the case of AA, it’s evidently not true.

  5. coltsuperocean10

    AA is a piss poor Airline Company. There 1st and Business class seats are
    so bad compared to other carriers. Service is poor, flight attendants are
    surely and rude. I have a flight from LA to London next week and after that
    they will NEVER get my business. Simply awful and 10 years behind the

  6. Robert .G

    @yoyoyoyoshua True but that’s still some way off. I’m pro-Boeing though,
    and love the 747. I don’t expect the A380 to ever become remotely as
    commercially successful as the 747.

  7. Bob Hutchison

    American Airlines has the absolute worst customer service in the industry
    from the ground ops right on through inflight. It is no wonder they filed
    for bankruptcy. I am real hopes they can improve their service because
    overall they had a great product

  8. Robert .G

    @phillycap Well I think it takes an A380 to ensure you have a really
    comfortable flatbed up there.

  9. givepropstotherich

    Food looks good, but they have horrible service for economy to the point
    where they won’t even give you meals even though they are supposed to. So
    glad they filed for Bankruptcy!

  10. lafayette2285

    @givepropstotherich Do you have a clue what you are talking about? You
    sound like the same average person who thinks they seem to know everything
    about the airlines but can’t tell the difference between a 737 and a 747.


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