Nathan Simmons – Prayer Breakfast!!!

Progressive Life Giving Word Cathedral Apostle Donald Alford Chicago.
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25 thoughts on “Nathan Simmons – Prayer Breakfast!!!


    Krossfam: This man of GOD has died; You can view his home going on the
    youtube. I believe you will meet him in the air when he comes back with THE

  2. bjedwin

    Read Acts 10:44 The holy ghost are for them that ask if you belive God’s
    word you can have the holy ghost;also read Acts 1:8.

  3. Cassaundra Webb

    This was one amazing preacher to just mess up a prayer breakfast like
    that….OMG this is so wonderful…

  4. peachezz3434

    @JDAVIS4LIFE Honey we need it down here in NC. I have ask the lord why
    can’t the churches get back like this and his answer was people do not seek
    him anymore in labor. It take work to get this kind of anointing. I am
    working on it for my self. Will you join a sister in prayer. Thank you so
    much. Be blessed.

  5. Marc NY

    @dcmscheer12 lol… they probably did…. eventually LOL… I can see
    Nathan Simmons at the very end saying alright… let’s eat… and they eat
    like none of this never happened LOL…

  6. Dani Richardson

    I never knew him, but it’s clear that Nathan Simmons was true child and
    servant of Jehovah God and a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Just watching
    this I literally felt the power of the Holy Ghost. Wonderful video.

  7. propheticmusic

    I was just telling someone the other day how much I miss the Prophet Nathan
    Simmons! Sunday nights at Citadel were crazy!

  8. JaDawn B

    somebody called him their youtube pastor..i would agree! lol they knew
    betta having Pastor Simmons @ a breakfast meeting…ya’ll was not about to


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