Little Caesars ★ DEEP! DEEP!™ Dish Pizza + Crazy Bread® Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Little Caesars ★ DEEP! DEEP!™ Dish Pizza + Crazy Bread® Review

  1. KBDProductionsTV

    +ic4me2ba11 I have been to Chicago and had an awesome Deep Dish pizza from
    Giordano’s right beside the Willis Tower Mmmmmm

  2. Alejo

    New Jersey pizza is the shit, and there is literally 4 pizza palaces that I
    can walk to from my house #thalife

  3. alyssaisit

    you do the absolute best food reviews on youtube… best camera quality…
    different angles… awesome commentary.. and you usually eat the whole

  4. Roy Diedesch

    I feel like Little Caesars is like the White Castle of pizza joints. The
    people who love it really love it, but the people who dont will probably
    get sick eating it. With that being said, I fucking love it though :P

  5. SerpentLight213

    2 freakin dollars for toppings!!! I think the most extra toppings ever cost
    here is maybe 60 cents! 

  6. flip92

    wow pizza in Canada looks HORRIBLE

    Australia we have thin crust still soft and hot <3, much cheaper too $$$

  7. Scott Pantera

    although i prefer daym drops food reviews, this guy does less jump cuts.
    actually he does none so hes better on the spot. respect.

  8. Joshiesgotagun

    There’s no better Pizza than a FRESHLY made little ceasar’s pizza. But you
    got to eat it quick, because once it cools… then there’s no worse pizza.

  9. JonathonTheAsshole

    Pizza looked like shit. Almost no cheese on top. Sad state of affairs in
    modern times. 20 years ago the worst chain pizza would have cheese that
    stretched 2 feet when you tried to cut out a wedge. Now they rarely put
    enough cheese on to cover the top. Fucking rip off. Make your own.
    This is 95% bread. PS and this isn’t really “deep dish” but everyone
    already knew that.

  10. Kerro Ayo

    Hmm, when I saw the ad to this deep dish pizza, I was expecting golden
    cooked cheese, with crispy like pepperonis, with nice cooked veggies…
    That looked like something I sh***ed out when I ate school lunch pizza.

  11. Andrew Jacobs

    good work with the dual cameras. not common in these independent food
    reviews! first time watching your show, you’re doing great.


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