Restaurant review of Rex Steakhouse in Conroe, TX

Brad Meyer, restaurant critic for Houston Community Newspapers, and humorist Mark Hayter discuss their recent meal at Rex Steakhouse in Conroe, TX. The sound…

2 thoughts on “Restaurant review of Rex Steakhouse in Conroe, TX

  1. hockeywife68

    Both Rex’s Steakhouse and Bistro Italiano are the best of both worlds!
    Their veal is every bit as good as the veal I’ve eaten in upscale
    restaurants in Rome! Their steak is the very best steak you can get in
    Montgomery County! I highly recommend both restaurants. And BTW, they will
    not forget you once you’ve been there and treat you as though you’re
    family. I see the owner/chef sit down with people all the time!

  2. Bev Peacock

    Rex Steakhouse/Bistro Italiano The atmosphere, wait staff, and live soft
    entertainment/atmosphere were very good. Food, steaks very over priced and
    bland. TEXAS ROADHOUSE has a much better steak.and cheaper too. Aspargus,
    was good, baked potatoe had store bought bacon bits, not fresh, salad ok,
    and they served steak sauce? On aged beef? Hostess/owner, did not really
    care about our reply or comment. Each item is individual priced. $150.00
    for 2?


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