Breakfast in Collinsville (with Michael Reichert)

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25 thoughts on “Breakfast in Collinsville (with Michael Reichert)

  1. bluemidgetguy

    Congratulations Terrance! You are a hero and the fact that you used your
    skills as a documentary filmmaker to expose this, is outstanding. Way to go
    and thank you.

  2. Kenny Suitter

    Terrence, can you tell me if that son-of-a-bitch Reichert is still on the
    force? I called the police dept. and they would not tell me if he was or
    was not.

  3. C. C. C

    We need to change the civil forfeiture laws and take the profit motive out
    of this. We should not allow the Police Departments to get any money from
    civil forfeiture or any type of seizure. That money should automatically
    go to local schools and or to places like Homeless Shelters in my opinion.
    You would see this sort of stuff come to an automatic halt if this were

  4. armor1z

    What a dick cop. Driver was calm and composed and answered questions
    promptly and the cop kept asking about if he had any drugs, says he doesn’t
    care about personal amounts and then almost as if he was admitting he was
    lying says that if the canine alerts driver will be charged… Did he issue
    a citation or anything? I would’ve called over the sheriff or state police
    there if I were in your shoes. Though not like I place much trust in them
    either since it’s.. well Illinois.

  5. Mark Riley

    Very educational video man! I already knew they did things like that to
    give “probable” cause but this actually shows that they do. This has
    happened to me before also,with the same outcome,they found nothing but
    tried to make an excuse as to why they didn’t. They tried to say,”I don’t
    know if maybe the previous owner or maybe one of your friends,but somebody
    had drugs in that car at one time.” Sad thing was,I was the ONLY owner and
    NONE of my friends do drugs!! I didn’t say anything as he didn’t have
    anything on me,so I just said,”I hear ya buddy.” Lol. He then let me go.
    But it’s ridiculous how they do this to people! We are losing our rights at
    the hands of sorry ass cops! The ones that took an oath to uphold the
    constitution to protect and serve the citizens of America but yet most
    don’t even know the constitution and/or care to uphold it! Flex your
    rights! Stand up to these so called cops! 

  6. Bubba Bong

    The war on drugs is simply a way to make money for cities. Should be a war
    on people talking/texting on cell phones. 

  7. Ryan Davis

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this video. I only wish more people
    would wake up and realize that the police disregard the Constitution every
    day and they think no one cares. If more of us were willing to take the
    time to fight back like Terrance here the world would be a better place.

  8. Patton3003

    just outreageous behavior of law enforcement officers! 100K settlement
    isn’t enough for this behavior.

  9. Wolfe Kaplan

    Curious how at 13:50 he says he wind is blowing this way which means any
    odor is gonna be pushed to the front of the car but the dog didn’t indicate
    the first time it was in front of the car.

  10. Ollie Horne

    Good for you man! So happy you didnt back down and let this slide. He
    probably would have continued to do this to people.

  11. ambesa1

    amazing how they say “i dont have a problem with personal stuff or little
    amount”..hahahaha that is the biggest lie out of their mouths!!..anytime
    they find a personal amount, its like a gold rush for them..cops suck
    chicken butt

  12. John Doe

    Terrance you are the man buddy. Way too stand up for yourself and your
    rights this police officer violated. You are one of the last American

  13. JFeezy

    If the officer has anything on you, including evidence, he doesn’t need
    your cooperation. The fact that they ask means they are on a fishing

    “I do not consent to an unwarranted search”
    “I do not answer any questions without an attorney present”
    “Am I being detained officer? Or am I free to leave”

    He can’t ‘detain your car’, cars don’t commit crimes. Being nervous also
    isn’t a crime. Ask for a supervisor as soon as they ask you to get out of
    the car, wait in your car until the supervisor shows up. When he arrives
    and ask what you want, answer “to be on my way.” 

  14. James Barnes

    Lying and deceiving, to create a crime out of nothing on innocent men…

  15. KremitDeFrog

    If the dog alerted to the front of the vehicle, why did Reichert never look
    under the front bumper, front fenders or even pop the hood? Isn’t it
    logical to start the search from where the dog alerted?


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