ABSOLUT Lunch Break Feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

ABSOLUT® and Flavorpill present a daytime dance party series where desk jockeys and disc jockeys collide for just 1 hour. When the clock strikes, we shoo you…
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One thought on “ABSOLUT Lunch Break Feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff

  1. Qwen Braun

    Hi! What’s Up? I have enjoyed the Lunch breaks given in Chicago and the
    various D.J.s. I’ve had a wonderful time and made contributions to the food
    pantry. I am old school and followed, devoted, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy,
    Andre Hatchet, and Lil Louis with my sis, Mary, who is a friend to each of
    them. Most of my crowd are deceased or have moved away. I myself had moved
    to California 6 1/2 years ago returning home back to Chicago almost 2 years
    now. Thank you for the memories.


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