Peter Luger – Best Steak in New York

Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY has been rated as the best steakhouse in New York by the Zagat guide for over 20 years. Is it worth the hype? Watch th…

25 thoughts on “Peter Luger – Best Steak in New York

  1. ger fink

    i got butcher shop sells ribeye and all cuts. natural raised local cows in
    oregon. about 9$ per pound. medium high heat cast iron skillet w/ clarified
    butter, french sea salt, fresh cracked pepper. first i let steak come to
    room temp for 1 1/2 hour.
    about 5 minutes or so each side. i don’t touch it. the drippings get a bit
    more butter.. let sit tented for 2 minutes. i saved $120.00 over lugers.
    then i watch utube vids in my underwear. sauteed mushrooms and yukon gold
    mashed, w cream and herbs. i also save 20.00 parking, 10.00 gas, 3 hours

  2. PAC- Islander 1

    What a fucken boring review!!!! This guy can eat a tube steak and balls
    smothered in underwear!!!!

  3. elcocotobar2000

    $105 + tip… No drink… Nasty Steak presentation… Out of date Decor…
    Keep it ! No thank !

  4. Clarince dde

    I think it fk you 3 ways. 1st they accept card, which in that kind of
    location you’d need to walk 8 blocks for an ATM machine. 2 the steak is fkn
    expensive. 3rd after a scrumptious meal your gonna tip more than $20.

  5. MrPpppppppppf

    this idiot critizing lugers prices is hilarious , its the best steakhouse
    in america without question , 86$ for 2 is a bargain considering you are
    eating the best of the best

  6. actorsnonactors

    I agree with the above comments. Your commentary is pretty honest and
    well-thought, but drop the fakey, over-modulated, voiceover wannabe
    persona. It’s not something that helps the material in any way, and made me
    want the review to be over in less than 2.5 minutes. Sorry…just being
    real honest as a professional. You did make me want steak from a more
    reputable, non-living-off-their-now-faded-name (most NY’ers already aware
    of this) joint.


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