@localfoodwisdom: Locavore Dinner at StarGrazer Cafe in Grayslake, Illinois

Documentary of the first-ever Locavore Dinner at StarGrazer Cafe, located at the Prairie Crossing conservation community, in Grayslake, Illinois. The event w…

5 thoughts on “@localfoodwisdom: Locavore Dinner at StarGrazer Cafe in Grayslake, Illinois

  1. localfoodwisdom

    Thanks again to Gregg, Elise and Danny @bigteethvideo for creating another
    documentary of a Locavore Dinner. Your creativity and enthusiasm for the
    topic of local foods is much appreciated!

  2. localfoodwisdom

    For additional details about this documentary and our visit to Prairie
    Crossing’s Farm Business Development Center, I invite you to read the
    article “Little Film on the Prairie”, available on my blog:

  3. localfoodwisdom

    Another person who deserves special acknowledgement (but was inadvertently
    omitted from the credits in the video) is Greg Browne, Brewmaster of Mickey
    Finn’s Brewery (Libertyville, IL). Many thanks for presenting your
    well-crafted brews during our dinner, Greg! I hope we can tag-team on
    another local food/local brew pairing in the future. =)

  4. localfoodwisdom

    I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Mike. It would be fun to work with you
    again to further develop the story of peri-urban, production-scale, organic
    farming at Prairie Crossing and what it can offer to food retailers,
    restaurateurs and consumers in Chicago. All the better if we can hire Big
    Teeth Productions again. =)


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