Vancouver Supernatural Convention J3 Breakfast Part 2

VanCon breakfast Part 2. This is not my video! I uploaded for friends who couldn’t download it.

25 thoughts on “Vancouver Supernatural Convention J3 Breakfast Part 2

  1. Christina Lee

    You kind of get the feeling that this is nothing unusual. I would love to
    spend just one day on set with these guys.

  2. Madame Obsessor

    I love how Jared is the little kid of the group, like Jensen and Jim are
    always making cracks and acting like the real adults 🙂

  3. Iwiccaozzie

    I have seen this over and over again. Jared and the coffee and the
    gum…priceless. Loved how Jensen offered his lid to Jared’s coffee…AW !
    So sweet. JP and JB also seem to have a father son relationship….so sweet.

  4. alexisrg7

    @xsupmelissa He took his gum out so he could talk and place it on his
    coffee lid and the gum melted and made the lid all gooey and gross LOL, so
    then Jared wanted a new lid.

  5. BonitaCorsha

    “When you get a mic?” LMFAO. it was a good one cause Jim was barely talking
    just sitting there. Oh Jared you never fail to make me laugh. & Jensen’s
    deep voice. UNF.

  6. xsupmelissa

    @alexisrg7 ya i realised after by reading further in the comments & i
    rewatched it after, so much sense, he is adorable 😀

  7. TheKritty

    Do I seem to be WEIRD when I say that I got so damn distracted at 5:11 by
    JENSEN’S ARM behind Jim?He sure worked out…yummiiiii*drops*Man, I love
    these guys…so.damn.much.

  8. alli1990

    J &J in unison at 6:57 – 7:00. 😀 “I can see the bottom of where your brain
    would be.” Ohhh, Jim! Hahaha.

  9. ashwinchester

    Aww, poor Jared! *giggles hysterically* I love that Jensen and Jim just
    keep turning their faces away and shaking their heads at Jared’s antics.
    And the way they keep ganging up on him. It feels like they’re there to
    baby sit him. XD He’s so adorable! Oh and I especially love Jensen’s face
    at 6:08! Like he STILL can’t believe Jared sometimes. ;D

  10. CasieDearest

    lol so much for “cameras off and down.” haha win. Busted by Jim @ 0:22 even
    lol. Love the whole gum/lid incident.

  11. erniesigsoundfan

    At 6:20 when Jensen say: “Take the lid off”, he’s like I am done with it
    now. It’s so hilarious. Priceless. They are so cute.

  12. heartflower111

    I love the look on Jensen’s face when Jared is stuck with the gum! It
    reminds me of a big brother looking at a little brother 🙂

  13. Ivo Gyumov

    Jim handled the childish play of Jared with the bubblegum really
    professionally. + Jim – Jared this time. To be older it really means to be
    wiser and more experienced as it seems in this case.


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