An Australian Visits the Outback Steakhouse

Everyone always asks my Australian husband if he’s been to the Outback Steakhouse. Now he has.
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11 thoughts on “An Australian Visits the Outback Steakhouse

  1. PocketPet

    @stangsaleens7 Except there is absolutely no sense that one is eating in an
    Australian restaurant, and the menu presents the food as if it IS a
    selection of Australian faves. Rainforest Cafe, per your example, does NOT
    try to convince people that they are eating Amazonian cuisine. They just
    play with the theme. The only “theme” at the Outback is found in the dish
    names. I don’t mind silly or stylized takes on cultures (after all, I live
    in Las Vegas), but the OS is just insulting (and greasy).

  2. savedbyjesusblood

    Oh I remember the blooming onion. I got to take home a menu and a free
    desert because I was the second Australian the waitress had served in over
    four years. The steaks are really nice too.

  3. MilesB1975

    Why the fark do they call it the Outback Steakhouse? You’d be hard pressed
    to find food that boring looking anywhere round here in Australia. Where
    are the meat pies and sauce? Chiko Rolls? What about Damper and Lamingtons?
    Pavlova? Barramundi?

  4. Buick Mackane

    The Outback restaurant is as Australian as Taco Bell is Mexican. Not at
    all. The blooming onion is a disgusting, greasy, deep fried, expensive
    onion. They serve Fosters beer which nobody drinks in Australia. In fact,
    if you tried to order a Fosters beer in a pub in Australia you would be
    laughed out of the place.

  5. JUKIO01

    ive eaten kangaroo before. when i went to aires rock, ate crocadile, emu
    and kangaroo in the outback, was like 14 years old. fun experience

  6. stangsaleens7

    outback is just a themed restraunt to give you the sense you are eating at
    a australian restraunt. No they arent going to feed you kangeroo, and of
    course they are going to say “shrimp on the barbie” because the word prawn
    is not used in america. a prawn is reffered to as jumbo shrimp. There are
    other great restraunts like this have you ever been to the rainforest cafe?
    it has nothing on the menu from the rainforest but the theme gives it, its

  7. PocketPet

    @Ian8505 That’s like saying that McDonald’s is awesome for low-cost
    hamburgers, or a haggard prostitute is awesome for low-commitment sex.
    True, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. 😉


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