2006 BMW 530i Sport–Video Test Drive with Chris Moran from Chicago Motor Cars

http://www.SupercarNetwork.com A BMW 530i Sport test drive with Chris Moran. The 525 and 530 models receive an all-new 3.0-liter inline-six engine this year,…

25 thoughts on “2006 BMW 530i Sport–Video Test Drive with Chris Moran from Chicago Motor Cars

  1. mihainede85

    Rubber buttons on that remote control 😉 FYI…..ive done Vancouver BC –
    Whistler BC in 45 minutes buddy :). I would like to see you doing that 😉
    Cheers. Enjoy ur M. E60 looks way better.

  2. Lewis72

    That stowage box above the heated seats buttons, in the centre console is
    useless; as soon as you put your foot down, whatever was in it ends up on
    the floor!

  3. KerryInTheNameOf

    Damn… I’d like a used 530i, but since I’m still in high school and can’t
    work anything besides minimum wage jobs, I wouldn’t be able to afford the
    gas. Lol,

  4. mihainede85

    north americans r lazy when its about driving. Some of them get confused if
    they see more than 2 pedals (i`m from europe. it`s just that i live in
    canada). Now i got to be a lazy driver too :)).

  5. mihainede85

    I do agree with u on the E60. Mine its got the SMG tranny…that makes the
    car more fun. 530i, not too many out there with an SMG.

  6. Lewis72

    You obviously drive like a granny then becasue my phone slides about there
    all the time and then ejects itself onto the centre console when I drive
    off. Anyway, I bought an E39 M5 last week, the interior is orders of
    maginitude better than the Fisher Price E60’s.

  7. Lewis72

    I’m afraid I don’t know that route. I’m in the UK. I’ve owned an E39 528i
    and now own the E60 530i & the E39 M5. I quite like the exterior styling of
    the E60 but the interior IMO is awful. Cheap plastics & costed down (no
    torch, temp gauge or interior boot release). The E39’s styling is very well
    balanced but the E60’s seems a little slab sided and has Dame Edna Everage
    front lights!

  8. CasualX3

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  9. mihainede85

    you`re wrong. I got my garage door opener in that compartment and stay
    there like it`s been glued. Great cars!


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