1893 World’s Columbian Exposition

Come visit the WCE before September 7th 2014 and check out many of these artifacts, and MORE! This episode doesn’t even mention the mummies! http://worldsfai…

25 thoughts on “1893 World’s Columbian Exposition

  1. Ral Crux

    (05:06) This is one of the many reasons why I love this channel. You make
    the internet more awesome +thebrainscoop.

  2. aulddragon

    What, no mention of Percival Lowell’s Space Cannon, and all the people
    trapped on Mars for two years?!

    Wait, you mean the events described in the game Martian Dreams (Ultima
    Worlds of Adventure) *weren’t* real?! :)

  3. hyungwoo0312

    It’s always interesting to see how the world was becoming… increasingly
    globalized in the late 19th century. Watching stuff they’ve never seen
    before or let alone imagined of must’ve been an amazing experience for the
    visitors. Exhibiting people from other parts of the world however was a
    crime in my opinion although it might not’ve been perceived as such back
    then. All that stuff makes me wonder how the moral value we think is right
    today will change in another century time. Thanks for the episode! I
    enjoyed it :)

  4. Neil G. Dickson

    Best quotation from this video: “… it was plain to see that limits and
    boundaries needed to be placed on the collection and exploration of our
    natural world, before things went totally out of control.” It’s still so
    important today.

  5. David Harrison

    Admission to the fair cost $12 in today’s dollars. So it was cheaper than
    admission to the Field Museum is now.

  6. OwlishFun

    This was such a great episode! Thanks Emily and Team <3
    I'll be looking into flight costs to pop down to Chicago to see the exhibit
    if I end up going to Vancouver in August. It's really up my alley :D

  7. Gary Cooper

    The point about 19th-century anthropology’s assumptions of Western (and
    Christian and industrial) superiority over other cultures is true.
    Another motivation for anthropologists of that period was to document
    cultures that they assumed would soon disappear as people worldwide became
    “civilized.” Some of that worldwide homogenization has happened with the
    spread of industrial economies, but many societies of the world have
    remained unique even as they modernized.
    For example, Native Americans cultures are still alive and continue to
    develop, counter to the predictions of the late 19th century.

  8. Ara Lucia Ashburne

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    ipad system or a large monitor? I’m needing to do some instructional
    videos with a lot of content that I need to speak accurately and I’m
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  9. mcp893

    I like this lady she’s so smart I just wish she’d sit up straight its
    driving me crazy, maybe her brain is too heavy hehe

  10. Z. L. Burington

    Roxanne, a huge amount of the collection will never be on display. There
    are 12 million insect specimens, not to mention the many millions more in
    bulk samples. Thats half the collection right there.

  11. Urso Chappell

    Many people in the United States don’t realize that world’s fairs still
    happen because we haven’t had one in North America since Vancouver’s Expo
    ’86. The largest in history was in 2010 in Shanghai. The next three are in
    Milan, Italy (2015), Astana, Kazakhstan (2017), and Dubai, UAE (2020).
    There are groups organized in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Houston, and San
    Francisco looking at the years 2023 and 2025.

    Chicago would later go on to host the 1933-1934 Century of Progress
    Exposition, but lesser known, even in Chicago, were the plans to host Expo
    ’92 there, in conjunction with Seville’s Expo ’92. Sadly, Chicago’s plans
    was cancelled for budgetary reasons.

    Chicago’s city flag features four stars which represent Fort Dearborn, the
    Great Chicago Fire in 1871, and their two world’s fairs. If they’d won the
    right to host the 2012 Olympics, there were plans to add a fifth star.

    Many of the items exhibited at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition were
    put on a train and exhibited at the 1894 California Mid-Winter Exposition,
    the first of San Francisco’s three world’s fairs… so far!

    More information: http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/

  12. OffBeatDuckie

    I literally saw this yesterday! I thought it was really cool to have a
    chance to have personal insight in not only what these people saw but what
    they thought (about what they saw). 

  13. mariahrose210

    As a historian, I feel that it’s also noteworthy that H.H. Holmes, one of
    America’s first recorded serial killers, used the 1893 World’s Columbian
    Exposition as his hunting grounds.

  14. vanmaren962

    Holy crap, for me that was the most mind blowing episode I have seen. I
    absolutely love learning about how people used to think the past and how
    the perceived the world. I know there probably wont be more episodes like
    this, but I would love if there were. Does anyone know of any channels
    with this kind of content published regularly?


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