Discovering a ‘Singing’ Tree – Bernie Krause

Complete video at: Dr. Bernie Krause, creator of Wild Sanctuary, explains how he record…
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25 thoughts on “Discovering a ‘Singing’ Tree – Bernie Krause

  1. Bernie Krause

    Find our more about how the natural world is filled with music in Bernie
    Krause’s new book: “The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of
    Music in the World’s Wild Places” (Little/Brown, 2012).

  2. freesk8

    The sound is caused by tree cells dying? Why are they dying in such a
    regular rhythm? That makes no sense at all. If these were the sounds of
    tree cells dying, they would be random. More like white noise. The cells
    don’t “line up” for their chance to die. Why not the sound of a straw
    slurping when the liquid gets too low? This is regular, and the tree’s
    cells are like long straws.

  3. Vinita Ramani

    Bernie, would love to get the book, hopefully I can find it in Singapore!
    Love the You Tube seminar version of Orchestra. In this recording, that’s
    the sound of cells dying? And insects/birds come for the sap, but of
    course, I am presuming they can’t hear the cells dying…

  4. mars Cubed

    This correlates with something I have been playing with, which is the
    concept that signals within cells or organisms can be thought of as sound.
    a kind of meeting of music geometry and information. Sound in this context
    is a series of arrangements each making their case, summing to a whole
    which may be thought of as a kind of jazz representing the beliefs a cell
    has. These kinds of relationship are fascinating. interconnections on so
    many levels.


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