MIA Artist in Residence: Willie Cole

As part of the MIA’s new initiative to present and collect the art of our times, the museum has begun a new program of Artists in Residency. The goal of the …
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3 thoughts on “MIA Artist in Residence: Willie Cole

  1. Efren Francisco Solanas

    What a marvelous, articulate and visionary man! Pure poetry. Thank you
    Mister Willie Cole!

  2. Efren Francisco Solanas

    Mr. Cole: I am the proud owner – or more accurately, caretaker – of one of
    your Ladies, Jonny Mae. I have long conversations with her and enjoy her
    company immensely. Thank you from bringing us together. She and I live
    together in Minneapolis, not far, actually, from MIA. Wishing you all the
    joy and love of life. Efrén Francisco Solanas P.


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