Musical Tour of Chicago with Celebrities – Chicago Think Big

“Make Big Plans: Choose Chicago” promotional video using only the words of Daniel Burnham as its script. Burnham’s inspirational and enduring quotes are brou…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 thoughts on “Musical Tour of Chicago with Celebrities – Chicago Think Big

  1. Paul Buranosky

    This video shows why no matter where I travel I am always still proud to
    call Chicago home. :)

  2. Donald Ham

    “Let your watchword be order, and your beacon, beauty.” Daniel Burnham,
    architect of much of the modern Chicago spirit. Chicago was my home for
    many years, I think it’s one of the truly great cities in the world. This a
    great video.

  3. theblindingflash

    really thinking of going hear next month whats the weather like in early
    march. and pretty much just jumped when i saw billy corgan such a fan


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