25 thoughts on “One Direction TMH Tour | Kiss You | Chicago, Illinois | 7/14/13.

  1. Katie horan

    Aidan James shut up no one cares if you don’t like them! Not everyone’s
    going to like them but calling them untalented, seriously? All they do
    write they’re own songs

  2. hazelivyful

    They have plenty of talent! (: why wouldn’t they be number 1 in many
    countries! They’re makes my day and many of girls too. One direction is the
    best and will continue to be!

  3. Lindsay S

    They make people happy. Just let it go at that. I won’t argue with you
    because I know people like you and I never get through to them.

  4. Riiaa Horan

    @AidanJames and you call millions of girls falling on their knees for them,
    us working soo hard to buy tickets for their concerts and them winning
    awards, having platinum album a Zero talent? dude are you deaf or
    something? Do you want me to knock some sense out of you? Because i would
    glad to

  5. jussstamoment

    ,,team zayan”?! C`mon… I see serious case of ,,Twilight” overdose. Girl,
    don’t play it that way (cause it`s not cool, they are all our boys)

  6. valerieperez370

    Aidan James: Please, just shut the fuck up. Stop whining and wasting your
    time here. You obviously need a hearing test and a huge reality check. They
    make lots of people, mostly girls happy and more confident about
    themselves. Just because you think they are “untalented” doesn’t mean they
    are. Your opinion doesn’t define them. Thank you sir and fuck off.


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