Mrs. Q Undercover – Anonymous Teacher Shines Light on Poor Quality School Lunches

Mrs. Q, a teacher who works in a Chicago public school and who wishes to remain anonymous, is eating school lunches for a year and blogging about it. She tal…

25 thoughts on “Mrs. Q Undercover – Anonymous Teacher Shines Light on Poor Quality School Lunches

  1. Legion Knightx

    This shows school are cheap but not always they might be forced to put it
    on the damn menu 

  2. Nushgala .

    Ugh! I wish I could comment of people’s commercial.t-shirts from my phone!
    Some of these comments are so selfish and care free! One of these days, you
    and/Or your kids are going to die of a heart attack before the age of 50 if
    you don’t do something about it. Fucking a, people! Wake the fuck up!

  3. onawhim420

    This makes me sick. They expect parents to send their kids to school and
    trust they are getting good care. Unhealthy crap being fed to our kids is a
    form of neglect. I like this country less all the time!

  4. michelle dela cruz

    Why cant we just have great tasting but healthy food, god, budget cuts and
    everything just makes it worse. Kids, bring your own lunch or get a huge
    breakfast and skip it.

  5. CorinthianScore

    I found a way out of eating school lunches last year. There is a kitchen
    area situated in or band room with a couple of coolers, a hot plate, and a
    microwave. So, instead of Boscoe sticks in the cafeteria, I’ll go to the
    band room and eat Ramen, an apple, and a bottle of water. Not much better,
    but it’s a start. I might actually eat in the cafeteria though, if it
    wasn’t so gross!

  6. terriblegamesrfun

    I remember how bad the food and milk was in 1994. Its 2012 and schools
    still serve this crap?

  7. themangodess

    “We want more nutrition!” They’re just going to give the kids more canned
    corn. Not only is the food unhealthy but it tastes god awful and I can’t
    imagine eating that day after day.

  8. xthehyperdragonx

    This is why we only have one choice the lunches are shit this is why i
    bring…and what i bring is REAL food

  9. Jean Hedges

    I am sick of passing the buck. Parents buy healthy food and let your kids
    get off their fat butts to make their own lunches! “Healthy” food will be
    veggies with all kinds of GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, and fungicides.
    It will NEVER be healthy! Kids are perfectly capable of even growing a
    patio garden to save on organic food. go to your neighborhood farmer’s
    market. Step up to the plate and quit expecting the government to look
    after your kids.

  10. JoyceJeffersonTV

    That’s great! California is also in the works of labeling GMO’d foods
    (hoping it passes – Prop 37), hopefully it will take off all over the

  11. JoyceJeffersonTV

    When I was a kid my mama MADE me eat my vegetables! Now I don’t have a
    problem with eating vegetables. A lot of this starts in the home.

  12. philateliceun

    I can not understand how some parents can’t give their children school
    lunch. 1 jar of peanut butter costs how much? a dollar? 50 cents if you buy
    the cheap stuff? And some bread? how much can that be? It is total bullshit
    that parents can’t afford their children’s meals

  13. jasmine wagner

    i’m in 7th grade and ihate the pizza i get free lunch i usally don’t lunch
    so im alway starving in 5th period

  14. 1st Level Wizard

    Their food is heated up slime, whilst the food we bring is real and cooked.
    Thumbs up if you agree.

  15. Green Geez

    asian school lunch is way better, cos most of us like fresh and natural
    food and we know many methods to make food tastes better. when i was at
    school, i never get lunch like those. what my school does is choosing a
    good quality catering company. all student must eat what the catering
    company provides or homemade packed lunch.

  16. gabriel guzman

    Couple of problems is the fact the school lunches actually have a lot of
    calories and the fact that its soo bad that kids go to the alacarte line in
    which is a lot worse!


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