Economy Class to Frankfurt and Business Class to Chicago on United Airlines Boeing 777-222 It’s not secret that Marine Steve (husband) and I stick to United Airlines like glue even when their schedule may not be the…
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25 thoughts on “Economy Class to Frankfurt and Business Class to Chicago on United Airlines Boeing 777-222

  1. Jimmy Fuentes Bonilla

    Awesome video, one of the best I have ever watched (I have been watching
    since I was a kid) Economy does not look bad at all! I love United

  2. Habibti114477

    other airlines do chrge you for covers and pillows like flydubia.on
    flydubia ia hade to take out my clothes that were in my bag as a pillow and
    blanket.they also charge you on food and water.(what if someond doesnt have
    dubia money)i had a bad expeirience on flydubai.maybe other airlines are
    like flydubai too.united is totallly different.united is organized,clean,
    free food,free water, 

  3. itamar zilberstein

    Youre so lucky i fly to israel twice a year and i usually take turkish
    airlines and the for the first time in my life i got Upgraded in all my
    fifteen years of living

  4. myvolvoforlife

    This is the first time I have seen a business class configuration where
    some passengers sit backwards and others forwards. It seems like this would
    make for more awkward eye locking. Did you find out why you got a free
    upgrade? Could it be because of your frequent flyer status?

  5. tranceland78

    nice video,I flew with UABoeing777-200ER to chicago from FRA and back with
    Lufthansa A340-600 to MUC last year!!Both airplanes are very very safe and

  6. goodol69

    Agree with you as a Chicago area resident United is the one that serves us
    with the most flights. Now for 2014 not only do you have to fly 100,000
    miles you have to spend $10,000 with United to maintain our 1K status.

  7. DansJets

    Hi Sheila, wow, you guys did great, thanks so much for another terrific
    video. Yes, we seem to always stay with United as well, thru thin and
    thick. Appreciate the extra time you put in to show more of the flights.
    The food looked really good in both cabin services on the Triple 7. Sheila,
    you are the best, thanks so much again, really look forward to all your
    travels. You film really nice, look forward to the next one. Say hi to

  8. Sheila Simkin

    Thanks again! The food was good – even in economy! I enjoyed the
    Chinese-style chicken going out and the pasta returning and, of course, how
    can anybody ever mess up brownies or ice cream! Smart of them to stick to
    desserts like these. You are also too kind about how I look in the videos.
    Flying does not bring out the best in anyone! Hi from Steve and best
    regards, Sheila

  9. Colonialpara

    The business class seats don’t seem to be all that much wider than Coach
    and you get is more legroom and maybe some better food. You can tell its a
    US flag carrier. The coach seats on United/Continental must have been
    designed by a sociopathic accountant who like to torture passengers. I used
    to love to fly, now I hate it and simply endure it.

  10. Sheila Simkin

    You are so nice! I hope to visit Sao Paulo one day in the future. However,
    it seems like I’m always saying that and then something gets in the way.
    Thanks so much for being a fan and sticking to my channel. Very best of
    regards, Sheila

  11. Sheila Simkin

    Your words mean a lot; basically since I often get comments that my voice
    is terrible! Very best regards and thanks again for taking time to watch
    and comment. Best regards, Travels With Sheila

  12. Doug Bordelon

    Great video! Keep up the good work! I appreciate your coverage and you’ve
    got such a pleasant voice!! Oh yeah — ORD is one of my favorite domestic


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