Chicago Cops Strip Search Boy in School Bathroom, Parents Sue

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8 thoughts on “Chicago Cops Strip Search Boy in School Bathroom, Parents Sue

  1. Razor2048

    but they had to get rid of the drugs. Allow drug use today and the next
    thing you know, older men will be strip searching young boys in school
    bathrooms, so because of this, we have to give up or constitutional rights
    to make sure that no one has drugs on them. 🙂 Anyway, why are people still
    sending their children to public schools?

  2. kelly knowles

    EZ win for the kid n his it should be! My sons are 15 and 12, A
    lawsuit wld be the last thing on my agenda if this happened to either of
    them..guilty or not of possessing requirement, in writing and
    legally served each school year is that I am to be notified immediately of
    any “occurrence” invovlving my child and that my husband and/or myself be
    present before any action is taken against or involving my child,and a
    bunch of other legaleeze that protects my childrens rights!

  3. venusbrain

    I have an idea… We need to get some good people into the police. They
    won’t have the power to actually do anything direct, like stopping an
    assault or arresting rogue cops. What they can do, however, is secretly
    record evidence of these injustices and leak information about them to the


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