Mario Andretti Car Red Hubcaps vs Gold Hubcaps vs The Real Mario Andretti & Disney Pixar Cars

Mario Andretti Car Red Hubcaps vs Gold Hubcaps vs The Real Mario Andretti & Disney Pixar Cars

Disney Car Toys presents Which car do you prefer the Disney die-cast Mario Andretti with red hubcaps or the one with gold hubcaps? Toys R Us rolled out a new…
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25 thoughts on “Mario Andretti Car Red Hubcaps vs Gold Hubcaps vs The Real Mario Andretti & Disney Pixar Cars

  1. Rtruthvstherock

    I never got a lot of the first series my mate says how did u get d ale
    eunheart jr did u get it off eBay I’m like no tesco lol I meant to say 2007
    and 2010 love your videos do u have any Diecasts or haulers for sale
    mattels not Disney or fakes I love your videos your son is very lucky just
    watch hydro wheels video race finnaly u found one max cool I think your
    reviews are cool could u subscribe to me I might do a giveaway or something
    I eared that there’s not gonna be cars 3 it’s gunna be some

  2. Rtruthvstherock

    @DisneyCarstoys I’m going to Toysrus later can you or your son recommend
    any Rare or Desent cars or Good looking Haulers

  3. Rtruthvstherock

    Thanks for subscribing shout out soon Could u message me if toysrus had any
    deals thanks u on twitter coz I could send a picture

  4. DisneyCarToys

    We have some Mini Adventure cars, but not too many. My son just got into
    Cars 2 years ago. I think it might be hard to find Mater Saves Christmas in
    the stores, because this past year Mattel did not make any holiday Disney
    diecast Cars.

  5. Rtruthvstherock

    I don’t go to toysrus that often nearest one is a hour and half away 90
    mins I once bought a Diecast 2 pack for £1.99

  6. DisneyCarToys

    Good to know. I haven’t seen any Cars Easter eggs for 2013 only for 2010
    and 2007. I’m glad Toys R Us bought the 1st series that is awesome!

  7. Rtruthvstherock

    Did u know that mattel brought out cars Easter eggs inside the egg was a
    Diecast standard check out blu collections video there’s Cheif Spare o mint
    and charlie checker chick McQueen Ramone and loads others there still for
    sale and toys r us rebrought out first series awesome

  8. partyrocker1992

    on the website taje five a day the said mattel is either thinking about or
    actyaly are sometime maybe buy chrustmas re releasing the matr saves
    christmast diecasts

  9. DisneyCarToys

    Yes, any of the Radiator Springs Classic series cars are great cars because
    they are all from the 1st Cars movie. The Radiator Springs Classic series
    cars are also sold only at Toys R Us. The box will have a little post card
    icon that says “Radiator Springs Classic” on it. It’s hard to find haulers
    at Toys R Us, you probably will only be able to find Mack. But on you can find a lot of cool haulers from the 1st movie for around
    or under $20.

  10. Rtruthvstherock

    My lizzies in Mint condition out of box played with just left in a box u
    know a double standard box I can fill two of em With Cars do u collect mini
    adventures cars Plz reply

  11. DisneyCarToys

    The chick hauler is pretty rare (the king hauler is very rare). Lizzie is
    very rare as well, usually sells for a high price on eBay. Doc is also hard
    to find and can be more expensive ($25-$40). Mater Saves Christmas is a
    very good set to have, especially if you have the Santa car. Really
    anything from the original set is hard to find because they don’t sell in
    stores anymore.


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