Explore HI Chicago a great downtown hostel

HI-Chicago was voted by travelers as the Best Large Hostel in the world 2006! Check out the video and come stay with us in downtown Chicago. www.hichicago.org.

6 thoughts on “Explore HI Chicago a great downtown hostel

  1. CarbonConjuror

    Hey Lisa! Not sure if you remember me but I’m Sophol. We ran into each
    other near Hyde Park I believe, heading to University of Chicago Campus. I
    also asked about the John Hancock Observatory and the Star Lounge there.
    Awesome video, definitely recommending it to friends.

  2. hichicagohostel

    Awesome!! What do you think? Please tell your friends about the video too.
    Who are you? This is Lisa. Cheerio, Lisa

  3. hichicagohostel

    I totally remember running into you the next day is HP. Glad you like the
    video. Come and visit agian soon!


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