Sonora Hotdogs

Ingredients: Hot Dogs Bacon Refried Beans or Pinto Beans Queso Cotija Cheese Tomato Onion Sauce: 1 and 1/4 pound Tomatillos 1 Tablespoon dried cilantro 1 jal…

25 thoughts on “Sonora Hotdogs

  1. ganthonyvr

    a little far from being a sonoran hot dog but your dog looks fuking good!!
    fully loaded!! great recipie man thank u

  2. jagoda kardas

    @alexconifer , you have the right to your opinions but I disagree with you,
    I made his chuck roast and it reminded me very much of the beef bourguigon
    I got at a famous high class french restaurant. He’s not claiming to be top
    chef, and he’s simply helping other people who don’t know much about top
    chef techniques and recipes to want to get out there and cook for
    themselves. Thank God some people in this country at least still try to
    cook at home! My opinion to you alex is you suck as a person


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