Jasper Johns: Gray at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM

James Kalm accompanies viewers through an historic retrospective exhibition of paintings by Jasper Johns. Gray, perhaps the most ubiquitous and miss perceive…
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25 thoughts on “Jasper Johns: Gray at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM

  1. claureic

    @MyRicardo1981 As everybody knows, it is the CIA’s fault if NYC became the
    art capital of the world…Seriously, it is your comment that is pathetic,
    and not Johns’s paintings. Art is no soccer game pitching Europe against
    the US…

  2. claureic

    If you look carefully at a Frans Hals painting, you can see how many
    different blacks he had. Van Gogh points this out in his letters. I think
    you could say the same for Johns’s grays.

  3. RSheftall

    Absolutely GREAT James. So helpful to me living where I can’t get to any
    galleries to see my favorite artists (JJ and Larry Rivers). Thank you so

  4. romeodaphne

    so much for skill. J.J. sucks. I guess you would have to give him credit
    for the most decorative art , if not boring. But then again, millons of
    people shop for their art like it is something that should match their

  5. yoxredwolf

    4.) I believe that the work is about the unappreciated values that we see
    everyday; only when these values are gone, we are able to notice the
    pleasure they brought us. 5.) yes 6.) yes 7.) I don’t think i understood
    what the artist was trying to communicate. 8.) I feel that the arts
    produced by the artist is very original as he creates grey objects that
    people can still trace the fragment or traces of color. I personally feel
    that the art is about lost values due to modernization.

  6. rictit

    Not really a good artist, but USA needs artist and tell the world that our
    artists are the best and that all of them are geniuses!!!Yeah right, this
    guy had a style done since the early 1920’s, even earlier!!!WHAT THE FUCK!!!

  7. MrWowforever

    I guess millions of people and hundreds of museums and thousands of
    textbooks and endless collectors and countless students are all stupid for
    enjoying the work of Mr. Johns??? Who was painting flags and encaustic
    number paintings in the 20’s??

  8. MrWowforever

    completely cool mr. kalm; thanks for braving the “please don’t film” crowd.
    the detail shots were solid. i really like mr. johns, thanks.

  9. Fulvia Zambon

    I read in my computer …Merropolitan Museum, in the head title, is my
    system acting funny or is a mistake?

  10. Mogzyx

    continuation: The Black Square of Kazimir Malevich costs 1 million dollars.
    For some people this means a fair price, or even unrefuseable bargain.
    However there are other people on this world, who doesn’t care about
    brands, they don’t care from whom or from what something comes from, if
    they see a suit they don’t judge it if it is Gucci or Calvin Klein, or how
    much did it cost. They care about its reflected personal value to THEM,
    individually. And this is good.

  11. Mogzyx

    continuation: However if the creation, becomes more in itself , capable of
    transcending its original meaninglessness, it defeats the arbitrariness
    which it was designed in. However there is a limit of this, which depends
    on the complexity (how much free “intellectual area”). If a work is capable
    to provide it’s inherent information to a full extent without auxilary data
    like, biography, opinion of prominent professionals, etc. then it has
    higher objective artistic value.

  12. billheartyface

    Dear Boy…Europe in the 80’s and 90’s?? You must be joking. I’d love to
    know who you think could compete with Johns…especially from Europe. The
    clumsy brushwork of Baselitz? The Pop art rip-offs of Richter and Polke?
    The puerile symbolism of Kiefer? Who the fuck do you have? Europe, sadly,
    has been bereft of ideas for 50 years.

  13. Fulvia Zambon

    To Mr Wowforewer Sir… was a previous typing mistake…. of course… they
    just fixing, you need to read careful….


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