Vancouver 2009 – Breakfast Jared, Jensen, Jim – 4

Vancouver 2009 - Breakfast Jared, Jensen, Jim - 4

Video of the Breakfast at the Supernatural Vancouver convention in 2009.

25 thoughts on “Vancouver 2009 – Breakfast Jared, Jensen, Jim – 4

  1. rsrvedMom

    It was right out in the open, but I kind of blank out the ‘record’ light so
    that it isn’t obvious that I am recording… I think the first couple of
    conventions the flashing yellow light on the front and the steady red light
    on top kind of gave it away… Yes, he did call him ‘son’… I love these

  2. ad35gd

    Luv jensen in this vid. Thank u for uploading this does any1 know wen the
    conventions r goin to start for this year. I desperately need to go to
    another 1

  3. ashwinchester

    You think Jensen was calling Jared son? Or he was getting frustrated, and
    was just starting to say Son of a bitch, but stopped it at son? Cuz I’ve
    seen Jared do that too, getting frustrated with Jensen and goin, “That
    son..” XD

  4. Nehasupnfan

    Jensen:Cliff, did he wait for me..yeah where you going?? Get you’re ass
    back here!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) Thank you so much for posting these!!
    Thoroughly enjoyed em!!

  5. smkfan14evr

    rsrvedmom you rock! I wish This mom could get away and hang with those guys
    for a few days!!! That would be my dream vaca! Thanks for posting~

  6. Iwiccaozzie

    Jared is such a bad boy. He breaks the mike,then hands it to Jim, thinking
    it’s broken, but Jim fixes it and then hands it back to Jared ….who is
    amazed . Like Jim said once, Jared is the tallest rascal Jim has ever met.

  7. rsrvedMom

    I can imagine them telling us no more flash pictures, but we should have
    been warned so that we could have gotten some good close ups before then. I
    really hadn’t taken many pictures yet because I was just enjoying seeing
    them. It is tough to get a good look through a view finder. So, after the
    announcement, I just snuck in some without flash now and again and most of
    them turned out really blurry because if the guys moved at all, they
    blurred due to the lack of flash.

  8. rsrvedMom

    That ‘Son’ really surprised me because it was unexpected; there really
    isn’t that much difference in their age. I guess sometimes Jensen feels
    like Jared isn’t quite acting his age 🙂 But, calling him ‘son’ instead of
    ‘boy’ kind of shows that little bit of family in their relationship. I love

  9. Iwiccaozzie

    Jensen has been studying Jared for 5 seasons and using some of his
    personality traits to bring out Dean…but dumb ass Jensen / Dean fans
    don’t get it. Jensen screaming in YF was a real scene JP had done in the
    season 3 gag reel. JP’s eating habits are Dean’s eating habits. I’am
    surprised that Jensen doesn’t have Dean going around farting everywhere. I
    think that Jensen moving in with JP was to also study JP’s characteristics
    closer and use them , when he is being Dean.

  10. lana862

    Thanks to have post all theses vids from the breakfast from Vancouver,
    Jared, Jensen and Jim are so funny. I’m glad Jensen’s engaged with Danneel.

  11. alexisrg7

    @Iwiccaozzie That was hilarious reminds me of another con video where he
    got boogers all over his mike then tried to pass it off to Jensen but
    Jensen didn’t fall for it. I love how Jim is like I fixed it you Idjit!!
    haha just like Bobby would. Its Awesome how the roles are reverse Jared is
    more Like Dean in real life and Jensen more mature like Sam.

  12. deanschevyimpala

    Thanks for uploading this! Where did you leave your camera? Real good
    quality! I love Jensen at 3:40 laughing out loud. Did he call Jared “Son”?

  13. salvin89

    “We have them, they have us. What more do you need?” I love it when Jensen
    says that! And is there a 3rd part, since this says 4? Thanks for these.


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