Benedict’s Eggs and More

Benedict’s Eggs and More Reviews

East Dundee
8 S River St
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (115 Reviews)

Review by Greg L.
We went back this morning and we walked out. AS soon as we opened the door we should have just turned around but we tried. They had a huge party sitting,…
Rating: 1

Review by Lindsay B.
Stopped by Benedict’s Eggs and More on a Sunday morning around 11 am, so it was busy of course. The hostess was obviously frazzled as she had to take names…
Rating: 4

Review by Nick S.
Never would have found this place without Yelp. Hmmm 110 4.5 star reviews…..

This restaurant used to be someone’s house. Pretty cool. It’s the small…
Rating: 4

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