Kids Do Yoga in Class at Chicago School

Studies show that kids misbehave and have trouble focusing right after lunch and recess. Students at Jefferson Elementary in Berwyn, IL take 10 to 15 minutes…
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13 thoughts on “Kids Do Yoga in Class at Chicago School

  1. Joy Underwood

    I am so sorry you are offended but the Truth is the Truth and unless you
    open your eyes you, too will be deceived…May God open up your eyes to
    recognize we are truly living in the last days.. Joy

  2. Joy Underwood

    this is opening the door for demon possession..for those parents who are
    closing their eyes to this deception…Please wake up and get your children
    out of the schools….it will only get worse…The scriptures stated the
    whole world wondered after the beast..The false christ….please wake up

  3. josh garrett

    Yoga is a part of Hinduism, which is idolatry. The schools eliminate prayer
    and the pledge, but it’s ok to teach a yogic mantra to children and have
    them turn to occult practice for “relaxation”? God warns us not to lead
    children into sin. It’s fitting that the instructor had a butterfly on her
    jacket, which can represent Monarch mind control programming.


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