Supernatural- Introduction of Death

Dean meets the Horseman Death.
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23 thoughts on “Supernatural- Introduction of Death

  1. LamentationsEnd

    I don’t friggin’ understand why they say that scythe can kill anything but don’t figure to use it on Lucy.

  2. Tenerbros

    I just keep thinking Death actually cares about Earth and humans, but just pretends he don’t give a fuck because otherwise, people wish revere him as God and bothering him about his mission of maintaining the Natural Order. So basically, he’s like some teacher from school who wants you to try things by yourself and will offten reprimends your mistakes, but will help you get through the next years because that’s his job and he’s damn dedicaced to it.

  3. walt234234

    Actually you’d be surprised about how much the reality of God mainstream Christians believe today differs from the actual literature of the bible. Supernatural actually does a good job of incorporating characters from religious texts most Christians have never heard of into the show. A lot of their material finds its origin in the “Apocrypha” biblical texts like The Book of Enoch for instance. Some of these books are still cannon in some churches. like the Coptic Christian Church in Egypt.

  4. Joseph Deerslayer

    Well, unless Dean sits down to a steak and lobster dinner with God, I don’t think he can top this one

  5. adrian Titera

    In my faith we have a full understanding of God’s plan for before this life, during this life, and after this life. It’s goofy because it’s a cute imagination of someone’s perspective about what God’s about.

  6. Justin Toshi

    “In the end I’ll reap him too.” “God? You’re going to reap God?!” I love the look on Deans face.

  7. yutro213

    I love the look Death gives to Dean when he gives him the piece of pizza, like: “Eat or Die”!

  8. Auriel5

    it’s called pizza rustica, if I’m not mistaken. laura vitalli here on yt has a recipe. It’s so good!

  9. Auditore Falcon

    Death isn’t “bad” as such, he is just the natural balance himself which just so happens to be a fucking badass that nobody fucks with 😉

  10. Gougy66

    I love how Death is pretty much the only character or at least “bad” guy that noone fucks with

    even Dean doesnt have his usual attitude when facing him

  11. Robert Findley

    Actually life precedes death, or at least the necessity of death, by quite a good measure; living organisms have to develop to a certain threshold of complexity before individual death becomes an inevitable issue. Of course, there’s always the prospect of being devoured by another organism, but it isn’t the sure and certain outcome that higher organisms face.


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