Hot Dogs KRAZY Uncle Raggy Dogs Best U’ll Eat!

BEST Freakin’ Hot Dog you will ever eat!
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24 thoughts on “Hot Dogs KRAZY Uncle Raggy Dogs Best U’ll Eat!

  1. Raggy Ragsdale

    Kielbasa already has a super flavor, I don’t think I would alter the taste of an already super sausage. This is for making cheap weenies taste like a million dollars. Don’t like Hot Dogs? Girl!!! You PM (YouTube channel) me that address yet? Uncle Raggy

  2. lagaringer

    6:32 LOL LOL!!!! I can’t wait to try this Uncle Raggy, but I think I will need to use kielbasa sausage as I don’t like hot dogs. Do you think that would taste okay? How about with sauerkraut too? YUM!!!!! 8:27 again … LOL! These really look good! Love this vid.  : )

  3. Raggy Ragsdale

    SUPER! Make a video and tell folks about it – Crap! I need the views!! I am glad you liked them – I spent years coming up with a fool proof way to turn the weenies into something really super to eat. And I am not kidding, after you put the left over dogs in the fridge they are amazing, even cold. Thanks so much for trying this and ever more for putting up with the overly long video. Raggy

  4. Raggy Ragsdale

    Dude! I am so sorry it took sooooo long to see this comment. This was an early video and I did not know about comments and replies. I do now and when I saw this today I was mortified!!! Thanks for watching and forgive me for not responding immediately upon your original comment. Raggy

  5. Raggy Ragsdale

    Only a YEAR Late! I am sorry. This was one of my earlier videos, and I had not yet learned about comments and replies. I just saw this and was determined to reply – albeit – a Freakin’ year too late. You are Right! Life is Too short, and don’t change him. He is you’re Greatest Blessing. I appreciate you watching so long ago and I am so sorry I was too stupid to see it and reply. Raggy

  6. Raggy Ragsdale

    I missed all these comments last year. I was new and did not know about comments at all! I am sorry it has taken so long to respond to this but Dang! Thank YOU! And forgive my ignorance. I have since learned to respond to every comment I get. And I just saw this today. I’m late but I am not going to let the discovery pas without a reply. THANK YOU! Raggy

  7. Raggy Ragsdale

    Yo! Just saw this comment today!! Egad! It’s been a year! But I finally saw it and want to say Thank You for watching this video. It was an early one and I did not have a clue about comments, replies or anything else on YouTube. I know now and saw this today. I am sorry it took sooooo long to reply but I try to do that now without fail. Raggy

  8. Raggy Ragsdale

    Yo! This was one of my first! And I had not a clue that comments were being made on my videos! I have finally come back to this after a year due to another viewer and saw your comment. I might be long time getting back, but I do get back. Thanks for watching and the wonderful comment. Raggy 

  9. Raggy Ragsdale

    Thank You! One Year Late! But I’m old and this was in the beginning and I did not have any idea that there were comments and replies. I am so glad you stopped by such a long time ago that I had to take a minute to thank you. Uncle Raggy

  10. Raggy Ragsdale

    Egad! I was so new at YouTube I did not know what comments were and that we could actually reply. Thank you for watching me cook hot dogs!!! I am so sorry that it took me this long to know you had dropped by. Uncle Raggy

  11. Raggy Ragsdale

    How did I miss this comment? I was new to YT when I was doing these crazy vids! And I missed so much! After all this time I finally get to see your comment. Thank You! I am a Dawg for taking so long to reply. But, that’s old Uncle Raggy.

  12. Raggy Ragsdale

    Do It! I have people all over the world cooking these and going Crazy! I promise you are gonna have the dog of your life and they are Great Cold! Let me know. I love these things. Thanks for watching! Raggy

  13. louisianapipeguy1965

    Im leaving NOW to go to the market and get the cheapest dogs I can find….Ill let you know.

  14. James Denton

    Hi Raggy! I knew you back at State’s Wesley Foundation back in 1980-81. You even came to Louisiana and led a retreat for me over there – you hated it too. Anyway, I came across your YouTube site and I am pleased that you are still a character. I laughed and reminisced about the positive influence you had on my life. Thanks Friend!

  15. Raggy Ragsdale

    El correcto mundo. We always hear it said “Hopping Mad?” yez, da Rag is krazy aza loon. But I’m in great company even when I am by myself! Life’s too short not to choose “happy, fun & elated” when given the few choices of either responding or reacting to reality. Me? I laugh til I cry if I must cry. I don’t take myself too seriously (or anyone else for that matter). In my work people die in my arms, death is a way of life, funerals R us, sickness & disease rule! I do what I want on my own time.

  16. benmealer

    After watching 17 mins. of hot dog cooking, I’m ready to search out the cheapest hot dogs I can find and try this out. I am also willing to try that special sauce.


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