The Best Hotdogs in Reykjavik

Bæjarins betzu pylsur – a hotdog stand near the Reykjavik Opera house, came highly recommended. So we had to check it out. For about .50, you can get a ver…
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22 thoughts on “The Best Hotdogs in Reykjavik

  1. MrPredict

    The Icelandic hotdogs should be exported to America. Once the American audience taste the Icelandic version, then the American manufacturers of hot dogs would go out of business rather quickly. The Hebrew National, Oscar Mayer, Sabrette manfuacturers would have plenty to worry about if the Icelander were to export their hotdogs to America. Hebrew National, Oscar Mayer, Sabrette either have dreadful aftertastes or the tastes are quite blah.

  2. MrPredict

    I hate American hotdogs because they produce aftertastes that makes me nauseous. But the ones from Schaller & Weber are quite decent (though not nearly as good as the ones in Iceland). But when I visited Iceland, I found the hot dogs delicious and addicting. I think the ones in Iceland might even be a little better than what you get in Germany. 

  3. Eiður Ragnarsson

    “Remúlaði” is easy to make, you just mix sweet relish with a mayonnaise and there you have it.

  4. andsoonetcetera

    These are not the best hotdogs in Reykjavik; these are the best hotdogs in the world.

    I visited Iceland for ten days in April. Over the course of the trip, I ate nine hotdogs at this stand. I think about them almost every day.

  5. Sean Schönherr

    The mayonnaise-based stuff is remoulade. The rest is brown mustard, sweet ketchup, and raw and fried onions. The meat is lamb and pork.


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