2013 Dodge Dart exposed at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Dodge Dart is certainly not your Dad’s Dart. Unlike the old car, this new model is based on the European Alfa Romeo Giulie…
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24 thoughts on “2013 Dodge Dart exposed at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show

  1. ghetto29fab6

    It’s a shame people keep judging this car off the neon and caliber. This car is amazing. Great handling and awesome power. We have to remember this car’s main focal point is gas mileage. It saves tons of money at the pump. If I had to knock it a little I would say the responsiveness is a tad bit off, but I can tune it if I wanted to. All in all it’s a solid 8 or even 9 out of 10. Great job dodge you found a winner in this car.

  2. Ryan Stewart

    the charger got off to a real bad start they couldn’t even compare to the old ones but now they’re getting better and better and I could see that from when they first came out…. but for the dart I don’t see this car really appealing to muscle car guys… like a 1.6L engine? is that supposed to be a joke?

  3. Michael Junior Garcia

    is the 2012 KIA optima better and faster then the 2013 dodge dart and the 2009-10 mazda6? what are the up and downs of these 3 cars? which one is better honestly? please give me all the information I’m looking forward on buying a car very soon.

  4. o8bit0hero

    I’m for sure the dart had more success then the pinto be that a 1968 hemi dart would cost today $45,000 in mint condition.

  5. goitoutdoors

    It really depends on if it can fit a turbo. The demand won’t be there for AWD unless a turbo can fit and people will make it a rally type. The hood will need replacing but I think if it sold well as a fwd then dodge would offer it in AWD for more expensive packages and perhaps perhaps they would create a performance version. Anyway…nice design. The Alpha Romeo influence has proved its worth.

  6. jimmyess3331

    Your reply is as unconvincing as is this car. I don’t see the new Dart being remembered much less still being on the road 15-20 years from now. As for a following? It’s a new Neon, nothing more. Yeah, people will put big wings on them and fart can mufflers. You will see a lot of them for about 10 years then they will die off and be replaced with the next soul-less marketing gimmick on wheels.

  7. Thordur Hognason

    this Dart will not only be more reliable than the orginal one but also muts more fun to drive and own.

  8. jimmyess3331

    A TRUE Dart would be much, much simpler and built to last than this fuffed up crap. All these bells and whistles and unnecesary and overly complicated expensive extras will be very impressive in the junkyard 10 years from now.

  9. stratovanzo

    I don’t know if this dodge will be produced with the same quality of the giulietta but fact is the alfa romeo giulietta is having lot of success in Europe. surf in the web and see if customers are satisfied with it or not. regards


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