Experience 53rd St. Hyde Park

Redevelopment efforts are transforming 53rd Street in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood into a retail and entertainment destination—with the recent openings o…

6 thoughts on “Experience 53rd St. Hyde Park

  1. fosterliberty

    University of Chicago and Hyde Park challenge the stereotype of Chicago’s South Side. I am glad to see that the University of Chicago is benefiting the local community.

  2. BobbyFartinado

    Mellow Yellow is still probably the worst restaurant in the Western Hemisphere. But Valois is great at what it does.

  3. Laura Matthews

    Valois has the best breakfast in Hyde Park. This is not Hyde Park it is the North Side. I lived there 40 yrs of my life. Hyde Park was a neighborhood not a shopping area for visitor.

  4. MahoganyHomemaker

    This is not my Hyde park. Have I been away that long? What is this. They turned it into Lincoln Park South. Its lost its neighborhood charm.

  5. Mike Hammer

    valois is old school. they serve cheap cafeteria food anyway. its not fine dining by any means. its like ronnie’s steak house.


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